The Drowning by Rachel Ward

‘The Drowning’ is an excellent story of an ordinary teenage boy whose life takes a turn for the very unordinary when his brother dies. As I began to read I was confused; but that’s how I began to identify with the protagonist Carl.

The reader is put in the same position as Carl at the beginning of the story; we know nothing about him and neither does he, which makes sympathising towards him that much easier when we do begin to learn things about him as he recalls parts of his life.

This book also gives a startlingly truthful insight into how choices that might seem small at the time, like getting involved with somebody like Rob, can impact your life and the lives of those around you.

I was really impressed with the diverse range of themes covered in ‘The Drowning’-there’s romance, friendship, death, jealousy, loyalty and all whilst the story is in a life-like situation with an intriguing psychological twist.

I have to admit that I was reluctant to look too closely at the rain outside my window after reading this, which when paired with the fact that I read it in one sitting, shows that it’s one of those plots that embeds itself in your mind, draws you in completely and has you contemplating it for days. It has made me eager to read Rachel Ward’s ‘Numbers’ trilogy, as if it’s half as compelling as ‘The Drowning’ then it will be well worth a read!



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