Tape by Steve Camden

Initially Tape confused me, but when I understood it I realised what a clever piece of writing it is. I enjoyed this novel, particularly towards the end when I was waiting for the last bits of the jigsaw to fall into place.

The story has two narrators- Ameliah and Ryan, and at first the reader doesn’t think that they’re connected, although it seems likely that their paths will cross in some way or another. How the characters crossed was unexpected for me until about two thirds of the way through the book. The main plot twist (in the form of character ‘Joe’) was also surprising, although in retrospect it was hinted at earlier on in the novel.

Tape is an innocent and heart-felt novel that really captures and explores the emotions of the two protagonists, and the way that their two stories are woven together is intriguing and leaves you guessing right up until the end. There are a few loose ends that aren’t tied up at the end (like if anything happens between Ameliah and Malik), but as the main plots are all finished nicely that didn’t affect the quality of the ending.

Definitely a recommendable read for those who like intrigue, family mysteries and a little bit of romance!

ORIGINALLY WRITTEN FOR http://www.lovereading4kids.co.uk




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