Survive by Alex Morel

The protagonist of this story, Jane, starts in a very dark place at the beginning of the book; she tells the reader of her plans of suicide and of her excitement in the run up to it. It was wonderful to read the change as she transitioned from fighting hard to kill herself to fighting even harder to stay alive.

It’s obvious in her mentions of Paul on the plane that he’s going to play an important part in the story- and Jane’s transformation. His character is tough and he’s a bit of an action man, but as the story progresses we see his softer side as the pair fall in love quickly but deeply.

The story has a tragic but inevitable ending, which added to the plausibility of the story; a happier ending may have subtracted from the authenticity of it. The epilogue shows us that 6 months after the tragedy, Jane’s life has improved enormously in comparison to her previous life at the ‘Life House Institute’ shown in the last line of the book:

‘I smile, knowing how lucky I am to be alive.’

This cleverly written book was a delight to read, as it represented some of the daily struggles that many teenagers face, but in a scenario that made it action-packed, tense and prohibited you from putting it down. A thrilling read.

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