Irresistible by Liz Bankes

‘Irresistible’ was just as the title suggests; irresistible. The story was nicely structured and well written as well as featuring some steamier scenes that fitted in well (unlike others stories of a ‘passionate nature’ that are just sex scene after sex scene).

Mia starts her new waitressing job at the prestigious Radleigh Castle and is soon tempted into the rich kids’ life of partying, Jamie Elliot-Fox and more partying. At the other side of the spectrum is the down-to Earth and exceptionally sweet Dan David. Mia flits between both, attempting to keep both halves happy, but in the end must make her choice between the two.

I really enjoyed this book as it had mature content but not too much, which kept it from being inappropriate, whilst keeping it sassy and fresh.


PUBLICATION DATE: 25th April 2013


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