Ferryman by Claire McFall

Ferryman was yet another wonderful story that I’ve had the pleasure of reading through LoveReading4Kids!

From the beginning of the story the reader can identify with Dylan- we’ve all had that awful day that you think has peaked, until you get to school and it’s made 10 times worse, and the divorce situation with her parents is so uncannily life-like.

En route to Aberdeen to see her father, Dylan’s train crashes and she’s suddenly thrown into turmoil. She’s confused and lost, then comforted at the sight of another survivor, who actually turns out to be her ‘ferryman’, Tristan. Her comfort is short-lived however, when Tristan appears to be an unresponsive, yet hideously gorgeous, know-it-all, dragging her away from civilisation and the prospect of being saved. Dylan’s views are flipped upside down when she first comes in contact with the wraiths, dead creatures that feed off of souls, and Tristan saves her from being recruited into their hateful ranks.

They face the wrath of the wraiths in their attempt to get Dylan across the wasteland to safety, but does she really want to go? Would she choose heaven over Tristan?

‘Ferryman’ is a story of bravery and romance, and the ending was adorable and just how I’d hoped that it would be; I’d definitely love a sequel about life in the real world after the train crash, but all in all, a fantastic book.

ORIGINALLY FOR www.lovereading4kids.co.uk



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