Dead Romantic by CJ Skuse

The title ‘Dead Romantic’ shouted out romance and a dark twist, which is an almost fool-proof recipe for an excellent read.

T he main character Camille differs completely from others under the ‘teen romance’ umbrella, as the narrative takes on the role of a teenage girl beautifully, for example, the references to Harry Potter characters and her made up expressions e.g. ‘sexy with sprinkles’.

As a reader you fall in love with Camille instantly, due to her sorry situation of just having been persuaded to get into a paddling pool of excrement for the entertainment of her peers.

The narrative was witty and jam-packed with some real out-of-the-box phrases and descriptions.

‘grubby blonde baby who’d fallen face first into a pizza’ was a particular favourite of mine.

The language was ingenious, but it was only a support act to the terrific story.

It follows Camille and her reluctant friend Zoe, as Zoe endeavours to create the ‘perfect boyfriend’ for Camille to take to the Halloween Party-which we later find out is not the genuine reason for creating this recycled human. Along the way, Camille begins to realise that she’s starting to fall for somebody who already has all of his body parts in place; and they haven’t been retrieved from various graveyards and mortuaries.

Slightly macabre in places, but endlessly cute and hilarious, ‘Dead Romantic’ is a wonderful read and an excellent hunting ground if you’re on the lookout for some innovative new phrases. Bring on the sequel!

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